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Davey Beauchamp, Writer, Amazing Pulp Adventures

Hello Davey, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us.

Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you.

Tell us a little about yourself and your experience in writing and gaming.

I think that is one of the hardest things to do, talking about oneself, but I will give it a try here. I feel like I am introducing myself at a panel. My name is Davey Beauchamp. I have been writing fiction for the past nine years going on ten. My first book was Agency 32: The Chelten Affair. I then started a series of charity anthologies called Writers for Relief.  I wrote the novel Amazing Pulp Adventures starring Mister Adventure vs the Mysterious Shadow X, which has yet to be published but that one novel gave birth to the multi Parsec nominated podcast The Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show, Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures RPG presented by Scaldcrow Games and Paradigm: Sapphire City a hybrid card/board game from Foxhammer Press. When I have a little bit of free time I write a blog for YATopia and do a Doctor Who vidcast Gallifrey Pirate Radio. I did take a small three year break from writing to get my Masters in Library and Information Science/Service. So I am still getting back into the swing of things.

Tell us a little about your charity anthologies?

Writers for Relief are the anthologies I have put together to help raise money for the survivors of disasters. The first anthology came about because of Katrina and a bunch of people, authors and writers wanted to do something to help out and for some reason they turned to me. So I took up the charge to help and Writers for Relief was born.

The first anthology raised money for the Red Cross Hurricane Aid. The second one helped raise money for the Bay Area Food Bank. They were still helping feed the survivors of Katrina long after people sort of forgotten about the disaster. I am currently working on a third volume with a co-editor Stuart Jaffe to help out the survivors of the Oklahoma Tornados.

The anthologies have allowed me to work with some of the most amazing authors one could imagine –   Eugie Foster, Gardner Dozois, Brian W. Aldiss, Stephen Euin Cobb, Larry Niven, Debbora Wiles, Nancy Kress, Joe Haldeman, Todd McCaffrey, A.C. Crispin, Christie Golden, David Drake, and more.

And the names for the new anthology are just as incredible as past contributors.

What is Worlds of Pulp and the Amazing Pulp Adventures?  How did it get started?

The Worlds of Pulp is a product line of pulp theme RPG settings by Scaldcrow Games using the Bare Bones system.  Right now the two settings, which are the corner stones to this product line, are Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures and Rotwang City

Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures (APA) is set in the city of tomorrow, to-day! Sapphire City! It is a city full of pulp heroes and villains and sits on the cusp of the world of the golden age of comic heroes and villains. We have Nazis, dinosaurs, the Museum of the Unknown, Miracle Machines, mechanized marvels, and so much more. This is a place where anything can be a mask, which refers to the first time the city’s champion, Alexander David Venture, first became Mister Adventure by turning his cummerbund into a mask.

APA becoming a role-playing game started with Glenn, the publisher of Scaldcrow Games, and I just talking about ideas and projects we could work on together and we both discovered our mutual love of pulp. We both come at pulp from different angles. I am the light side and optimistic side of pulp and Glenn has a love for the dark and gritty side of pulp. We really cover the spectrum created by pulp.

What makes the pulp genre most appealing to you?

Pulp is magical because it encompasses all genre from sci-fi to fantasy to hard boiled crimes to worlds of tomorrow to mystery to horror to the supernatural and everything in between. You can do it all in pulp along with mixing and mashing them all together.

What drove you from writing novels or stories in this setting to making it a game for people to play in the universe?

Honestly, I will write anything for a paycheck because I love writing, and this was something new and different for me to do and try. I am always looking for new challenges to challenge myself with. And in truth I have always loved role-playing games, both pen and paper and video. So this was my chance to sort of play in this world of creating a role playing game setting for people to play in to have fun in.

For me the biggest element to pen and paper RPGs is the social element of hanging out and gaming with friends. So I hope Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures will help in that tradition of gathering around the table with friends, tossing the dice, and making epic memories in social story telling.

Do you ever feel like it is other people playing in your backyard?

Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures is set in Sapphire City, the city of tomorrow, to-day, and at first I was really apprehensive about people playing in my sandbox because this was a very new experience for me. I quickly grew to like the collaborative process of growing and flushing out the world of Sapphire City with the other people involved in turning my world into a role playing game. Now I can’t wait to see what people, players, and GMs do with Sapphire City in their games. I can’t wait to talk to them and hear about their adventures in my city.

And I hope people have fun playing in this world of mine and playing in my backyard. I can’t wait to hear their stories.

Do you see the allure a lot of gamers see about playing in all the universes they read about or see on the big screen?

I do because they exist beyond just the rule and source books of a role playing game. They have been brought to life via moving pictures or countless words in prose. These are huge worlds the players can experience outside the game and familiarize themselves with the worlds on whole other levels.

How was it transitioning from a traditional writer to a writer for a role playing game?

Like I said earlier, writing is writing. There are certain elements that are always there. The most interesting thing was that since I was writing for the Bare Bones 2d6 system, I didn’t have to worry about mechanics just the setting. Glenn handled all of the mechanics and making them work in the setting I was creating.

Now the most interesting thing about writing the setting was I got to know my world better than I ever did before. A lot of the elements for Sapphire City and Amazing Pulp Adventures existed in a novel, short stories, and audio adventures – so I hadn’t fully flushed out my world, at least not to the level needed for a role-playing game sandbox world. I now know Sapphire City and the world of Mister Adventure so much better. Honestly, in a lot of ways, Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures has become the world bible for this setting and I will go back to reference it when I write more in this world.

Would you ever game master a session of Amazing Pulp Adventures?

I would. I am a little rusty at GMing, but I would do it. Though now that I think about it, I think what might even be cooler would be having Glenn run the game and have me play as Mister Adventure or one of the other main characters from Amazing Pulp Adventures and Sapphire city.

Who is your favorite character in the setting so far?  Why?

Now that is a really hard question to answer because I found myself loving each character as I explored their past and origins in ways I had never done before.  I was discovering new and cool facts about my world and characters as I wrote the RPG setting. Characters I thought were nothing more than throw-away characters, especially in the audio adventures, became really cool and surprising.  As you can tell I am really excited here talking about the characters.

I honestly can’t wait for people to get the game and see who becomes their favorite character.

However, some of my favorites are Mister Adventure, Crimson Moth, the Mobster, Dr. Zhou… there are just so many great characters here.

What is in store for the Worlds of Pulp in the near future?

That is really a Glenn question, but I can tell you what I hope will come next. I hope Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures will sell well enough to allow me to expand the world I have written because Sapphire City is really only the tip of the iceberg. Book two would focus on the pulp space/sci-fi adventures of John Hawk, which are in the vein of Flash Gordon. And I do in have in the back of my head a book three, four, and five in mind. I really want to allow people to have all sorts of different types of pulp adventures in the city of tomorrow, to-day, Sapphire City.

Thank you so much, Davey, for sharing with us a little about your Amazing Pulp Adventures!  For more information on Davey Beauchamp and his work go to

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