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Cascadia Adventures 3: Fled

Cascadia Adventures 3: Fled
: Gypsy Knights Games
Reviewedby: Ron McClung

Cascadia Adventures 3: Fled is a new RPG Adventure from Gypsy Knights Games

Cascadia has proven to be a fairly descent hotbed of adventuring with the previous two adventures in this series and this closes it out in similar fashion.  In this adventure, the players have a great opportunity to do something big for the patron throughout the series and be greatly rewarded.  Or if things don’t go well, they could end up with a considerable number of enemies and perhaps be blamed for a terrible crime.

From the website:
“Thousands of credits stolen from the Razz Casino on Chance is just the beginning!”

The adventure starts put very similarly to the others – with their patron, Carrie O’Malley hiring them in her office on Chance.  Much of the text is the same text from the previous adventures.  However, the big change is the stakes.  Ms. O’Malley is hiring the group to chase down someone that robbed her. Unlike the last adventures, this one is personal to O’Malley.

Milton Hawthorne, a member of O’Malley’s security, has stolen a significant amount of money from her and she is angrily seeking him out.  It becomes quite apparent to the characters that O’Malley is not overly concerned for the livelihood of Mr. Hawthorne and this right away may cause some moral dilemmas to the characters.  Are they comfortable with being hired as hired gunmen?  Is that what they got into this business to do?

The party is sent to contact the ex-wife of the culprit and interview her.  This seems like a dead end part of the investigation but as the party finds out, it is definitely not.  She is now married to a prominent political figure on Cascadia, so the party is asked to be discrete and careful.  The last thing O’Malley wants is attention from a powerful political figure.

Clues can be found from contacts on Chance, especially if the pregenerated characters are used.  However, by the third adventure, a party of original characters should have made these contacts on their own.  In the adventure, the party is encouraged to leave as soon as possible, so there is little opportunity for information gathering.

From the website:
“Milton ‘The Monk’ Hawthorne, security officer, has robbed the Razz Casino and fled the system.  Carrie O’Malley, owner of the casino, has hired the crew of MV Dust Runner to locate Hawthorne and recover the stolen money.”

The journey in this adventure takes the party from Chance, to Dimme and then to Cascadia – plenty of opportunity for other side adventures like the ones presented in the 21 Plot series from Gypsy Knights.  Once they reach Cascadia, the investigation delves deep into a political intrigue plot that could end badly.  The GM is encouraged to read up on Cascadia in the Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia to get the full feel of what the world is like.  And then expand on it with your own ideas as the writer always leaves plenty of room for game master customization.

Without giving away the core plotline, the robbery investigation takes an interesting turn and thrusts the party deep in the political culture of the world of Cascadia, capital of the Cascadia sector.  Stringing all three of these adventures together, throwing in a few 21 Plots for side adventures, a GM could give a game group months of gaming.

In conclusion, this is a great ending to the Cascadia adventure series.  There is nothing I like more than political intrigue.  I highly recommend a GM taking all three of these adventures and making them their own.  There may be a ways to even tie them loosely together to create a greater story arch of deeper political meaning to the Cascadia setting.

For more details on Gypsy Knights Games and their new RPG AdventureCascadia Adventures 3: Fled” check them out at their website

Codex Rating: 17

Product Summary

Cascadia Adventures 3: Fled
From: Gypsy Knights Games
Type of Game: RPG Adventure
Author: John Watts
Cover Art: © BBB3 –
Interior Art: Steve Attwood /
Editor: Curtis Rickman
Number of Pages: 47
Game Components Included: One PDF
Game Components Not Included: Core Traveller rulebooks
Retail Price: $4.99 (US)

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

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