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Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 13: Planning, it’s your best friend

I was happy to be interviewed on Rolling Dice & Taking Names about con running and preparation.

Episode 13: Planning, it’s your best friend

Marty and Tony have put together a quality podcast about gaming and gaming culture.  They are both family men but still find the time to put together a great show.  They asked me to come on to talk about cons and con running but they did not realize what they were getting into.  I could have talked for another hour about what we do at the MACE events and other events JustUs Productions, as well as what we have going on here at The Gamer’s Codex.  It was a blast!  We hope to do more so please stay turned.

Check it out.  Hope you enjoy.

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Ron McClung (Ron McClung)

Gaming Coordinator for all MACE events. Former writer for and Scrye Magazine.

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