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Hegemonic: Explore Build Fight Plot

From:Minion Games

Reviewed by:W. E. Mitchell

Hegemonic is a new Tabletop 4X game from Minion Games.

Do you long for the seared steak of the harsh vacuum of space to fester in your nostrils as you knock the regolith from your boots? Then it’s time to dust off your bejeweled battle shorts and start shoveling space-coal into your turbo engines. Minion Games’ new tabletop game Hegemonic is a twist on the 4X genre. Once the event horizon of a learning curve is over come, this game offers a fairly fast paced version of eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.

From the page 2: “It is a momentous time for the galaxy-spanning Post-Human Assembly. Tens of thousands of years have passed since Humanity’s reach permeated resolutely and without conflict across the Milky Way. This era of stability and calm has continued to withstand the ravages of fate and time. But mankind always grows restless.

The Milky Way is full and the time has come to Human up some more galactic real estate. Players assume control of one of several handwavium future people to fulfill the transhumanist congress’ mission to exploit a neighboring galaxy.

Using tactics that would make Frank Herbert weep salty tears of joy into his stillsuit, players must attempt to bring their chosen faction on top in this endeavor. That is, you will once you figure out how to play the game.

First time out of the box and figuring out how to play can be daunting. Take the 45 minute per player estimated and double it for the first play through. Although the authors have included some simplified rules on page 18 of the manual to make starting out a bit less of an asteroid hurtling toward your home planet.

From the page 3: “The object is to have the most victory points (VPs) at the end of the game. VPs are earned over the course of the game by controlling regions of the galaxy and by advancing technologies.

The game is structured in a series of six rounds: Collection, Expansion, three Action Phases, and finally Arbitration.

Players start by setting up the galaxy with the core sector and a number of additional sectors depending on the number of players. This will be the start where players build bases, research technology, construct inter-galactic doom-fleets, and most importantly make money (CAPs). Players must agree on who should start as Arbitrator. Play starts with the Arbitrator who lays down their home sector and play proceeds clockwise. Once all of the home sectors are laid, the phases begin with each player doing the action of the phase in clockwise order starting with the Arbitrator. There is a handy phase tracker to keep track of play as well as a score tracker for each player’s VPs.

Collection – each player collects CAPs.

Expansion – add sector tiles to the board and draw technology cards.

Action Phases – each player plays an action cards and this repeats three times before moving on to the last phase. This is where most of the maneuvering and crushing of weaklings is accomplished. This bit is a little reminiscent of deck building games where cards are drawn, played and recovered in pursuit of specific strategies. What can be accomplished is almost endless with the variety of cards provided.

Arbitration – a new arbitrator is chosen.

This continues until all of the sectors are explored or there is no more sector tiles to play. Whoever has the most VPs wins. Tossing the loser out of the nearest airlock is optional and may result in loss of reputation with the Galactic Police and hurt feelings.

In conclusion, Hegemonic represents a breath of air fresh off the oxygen generators and should appeal to fans of sci-fi and deck building games. The streamlined card system allows for quicker play than a lot of traditional 4X games like Twilight Imperium. If you’re a big 4X fan and would like to get some friends who liked Settlers of Catan into some more complex games, this might be a good game to pick up. The learning curve is very steep, but if one person is knowledgeable enough with the set up it isn’t too hard for novices to pick up. This can be alleviated by the simplified rules provided. Variation on play is high from the different leaders and dynasties available as well as more advanced rules found on page 18 of the manual.

For more details on Minion Games and their new 4X “Hegemonic: Explore Build Fight Plot” check them out at their website, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 15

Product Summary

Hegemonic: Explore Build Fight Plot

From: Minion Games

Type of Game: 4X

Game Design by: Oliver Kiley

Graphic Design by: Oliver Kiley and Clay Gardner

Developed by: Eric Jome, Peter Dast, Garrett Dunn, and Kenneth Stuart

Artwork by: Alex Skinner and Honoel A. Ibardolaza

Number of Pages: 20

Game Components Included:1 x Galactic Core Board
9 x Five-Sector Galaxy Boards
90 x Industrial Complexes
18 x Quantum Gate Pairs
54 x Political Embassies
18 x Political Agent Units
72 x Martial Outposts
18 x Fleets Units
1 x Score Track
6 x Score Track Tokens
36 Action Cards
54 Technology Cards
60 Sector Tiles
6 Player Start Sector Tiles
1 Arbiter Token
100 Capacity Tokens
6 Player Boards
Game Components Not Included: Friends and a ravenous appetite for conquest and victory that cannot be slated my Top Ramen and all the tabasco sauce in the galaxy.

Retail Price: $79.99(US)

Retail Price: $124.23 (Can)

Number of Players: 2-6

Player Ages: 13 years old up to so old that stars cannot number your years

Play Time: 45 minutes per player (double that if you’re learning the game)

Item Number: MNI HG100

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Reviewed by: W. E. Mitchell

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