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D6 x D6 RPG

D6 x D6 RPG
From: Popcorn Press
Reviewed by: Joseph Martin

D6 x D6 RPG is a new RPG from Popcorn Press.

Writing a successful generic/genre independent RPG rules set is a difficult task. Lester Smith and crew have done a good job on this one. Twenty-nine pages encompass all the crunch and rules for the system. That small amount of typed space contains enough gaming potential to appease even the most jaded gamer.

From page 6: “It’s our opinion that dice ought to clack together in your hand.

One thing that makes this game different from others is its dice mechanic. Like the name says, you roll two standard six-siders. You then multiply them. The result is then compared against the Focus Number, which is the character’s total number of abilities. If it is an ability you are trained in, you are hoping for a high number. If it is an untrained ability, a low one. Once you play around with it you will find it to be a straight forward and effective system.

Character creation is quick and easy. You could easily take longer with a concept than the actual number crunching. There are only four attributes to worry about but they do a nice job of covering all the basics. After choosing an occupation and skills you are practically done.

Sample occupations, skills and sample characters are given. While the given skills and occupations might easily cover what you want your character to do, the game suggests adding your own to fit your campaign.

The combat rules are relatively straight forward. Damage is also pretty close to realistic. If you are playing in a setting where you do not have access to magic or super-science for instant healing, beware of getting hurt!

From page 20: “With this set of guidelines, players can adventure in any of their favorite worlds…

While it’s a good set of rules the real wonder here are the sample settings. Taken from books, games and the mind of the author, they complete the rules with examples that will allow for an easy transition to a home game based on practically anything.

With the versatility this set of rules offers I can see a game master running anything from a standard swords and sorcery fantasy campaign, a gritty noir detective campaign, a steampunk 1800’s campaign or even something out of a licensed product about gates allowing travel between worlds based on ancient Egyptian mythos or a campaign based on a time traveler and his companions riding in an odd blue box…

In conclusion, this one is a rare gem. While described by the author as being ‘rules light’ it accomplishes a lot with just a little for sure. I see this as more of a set of guidelines and examples for making your own campaign – a toolbox you might say. If you are willing to spend a little time detailing a few skills, occupations and gadgets for your campaign, this could be the generic set of rules you have been hoping for.

For more details on Popcorn Press and their new RPG “D6 x D6 RPG” check them out at their website, and at all of your local game stores.

Codex Rating: 18

Product Summary

D6 x D6 RPG From: Popcorn Press
Type of Game: RPG
Written by: Lester Smith
Game Design by: Lester Smith
Cover Art by: Katheryn Smith
Number of Pages: 68
Retail Price: $19.99 (Print)
Item Number: 66001

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Reviewed by: Joey Martin

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