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B-Movie inspirations

B-Movie Inspirations: Ice Planet (2001)

Ice Planet (2001) Every once in a while, you will find a gem on that is surprising.  Of course, Youtube has had full length

B-movie Inspirations: Nemesis (1992) and its sequels

Nemesis (1992, Rated R) … and its sequels (Nemesis 2: Nebula / Nemesis 3: Prey Harder / Nemesis 4: Death Angel Back in the early

B-Movie Inspirations: P-51 Dragon Fighter

P-51 Dragon Fighter (2014) Here is yet another installment of B-Movie inspiration, seeding your RPG ideas by watching very bad movies…so you don’t have to.

B-Movie Inspirations: Barbarian Queen (1985)

B-Movie Inspirations: Barbarian Queen (1985) Barbarian Queen Rated R Once again, I delve into a movie from the vast library of Roger Corman; another fantasy

B-movie Inspirations: Eliminators

Eliminators (1986) Rated: PG (?) Tagline: Mandroid. Mercenary. Scientist. Ninja. Each one a specialist. Together they are ELIMINATORS! It’s pretty hard to find a bad

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