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The Gamer’s Codex Demo Team

The Gamer’s Codex Demo Team

While getting a review from one single gamer is great and handy in the difficult market of the gaming industry, we at The Gamer’s Codex felt we wanted to give you more value.  We realize that sending us a review copy of your games is a major sacrifice and we want to get as much value out of that as we can.

In this effort, we offer the option to any manufacturer, publisher or designer to use our extended team as a demo team for your product.  We have access to a number of people willing to demo any games at multiple events throughout the year, including MACE, MACE West, SCARAB, RoundCon, StormCon as well as various game clubs events and game days throughout the southeast.  As we grow, the opportunities to demo will grow with us.  If you would like for us to demo your product as well as review it, we would be happy to do that.  Depending on the amount of demos you would like, this may require additional review/demo copies of product.

You can use this feature in two ways.

  1. Exposure – Of course, the primary way to use this feature is to get more people exposed to your product.  If that is all you want, we would be glad to provide that for you.  Let us know of any kind of after-action reporting you would like to have and we can provide that as well.
  2. Feedback – The demo-team member can also do a follow up review to the game as well as ask any who play your game to provide feedback via our web site under that follow-up review.  These may help you market it better or provide you with ideas for improvement or expansion.

All these features we provide free of charge.  As said, depending on the events and reviewer/demo team members we have available, we may ask for additional copies, but that can be worked out on a case by case basis. We just want to provide you with the most valuable service we can to help grow the industry in the most positive and professional manner possible.